Repeat after Me

You can cook your own fresh & easy meal at home.

Save time, money and your sanity with my all new Confident Kitchen Meal Plans. Every meal plan includes recipes for 4 fresh meals featuring a delicious main dish and well-paired side. There’s also a customized, printable grocery list.

Save Time, Money and Your Sanity

  • In about 15 minutes each week, you can plan your meals AND shop all the ingredients online. If you prefer to shop your local grocer or farmers’ market, print the list and GO!
  • Each meal plan includes recipes for FOUR accessible and comforting dinners designed for the home cook; featuring a main dish and a well-paired side.
  • Each meal plan comes with a customized and printable grocery list.
  • You’ll receive regular updates with easy planning tips. You’ll save TIME and MONEY.
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  • NO SCROLLING through foodie blogs or recipe websites: With Confident Kitchen Meal Plans, you log on. choose your meals, and the recipes and shopping lists are generated for you. It takes about 15 minutes each week!

  • NO WASTE: We HATE how meal kits produce so much waste. The portions are small, and the ingredients are packaged in a way that harms our environment.

  • NO WEIRD ingredients: I create my recipes using ingredients that are flavorful AND can be found at your local grocer or online.

  • NO SERIOUS COOKING SKILLS REQUIRED: All of my recipes are EASY to follow and EASY to cook. I give you all the instructions, how-to videos, and all this tips and tricks. BEGINNER CHEFS ARE WELCOME AND CELEBRATED!

  • Cook your dinner in about as much time as it takes to order take-out!


  • 4 Red Meat Based Meals

  • 4 Poultry Based Meals

  • 4 Pork Based Meals

  • 4 Meatless Monday Based Meals

I keep things interesting and constantly mix it up, so you never get bored. Every month, you will be introduced to global yet accessible cuisine. To make it even easier to get dinner on the table – at least one recipe per month will be a modern interpretation of a classic casserole and at least 4 recipes will utilize either a slow cooker or an Multicooker.





Each and every meal plan features a great assortment of fresh & easy recipes, both semi-upscale and comfort food classics. All the recipes are designed for the home cook and are approachable and are guaranteed to be delicious.

Multicooker Osso Bucco & Easy Risotto

Vietnamese Banh Mi Patty & Cabbage Salad

Chicken with Mushroom Sauce and Savory Pilaf

I'm CHEF Bear

Hey there, my name is Chef Robert, I am also known as CHEFBear.

Repeat after me Yes, you can cook. Yes, you can have a fresh meal on the table with limited planning and stress.

I love to help busy people find joy and comfort in their own kitchens. I am here to help you learn how to plan, prep and cook your favorite dishes in less time than you ever thought possible, with no stress or worries that you will mess something up. All of my meal plans have been bear tested and bear approved.

I am here to support you every step of the way, trust me it isn’t as difficult as you might think it is, with just a bit of planning, a small amount of prep work and a positive attitude you can become the master of your own mealtime, without having to revert back to frozen dinners or bland take out.

Take the first step with me today and download your FREE Confident Kitchen Meal Plan. Come on and join me in the kitchen.

Photo Of Robert Felkins

Robert Felkins - CHEFBEAR

Chef & Software Architect


Take the first step with me and become a join me on my waitlist, as a THANK YOU you will score yourself a 25% discount off any level of membership. Join me in the kitchen!


$9.95 / mo

  • Four Meals Per Week

  • Customized Weekly Grocery List

  • Exclusive Recipes & Cooking Videos

  • Email support

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$12.95 / mo

  • Four Meals Per Week

  • Two Bonus Meals Per Week

  • Customized Weekly Grocery List

  • Exclusive Recipes & Cooking Videos

  • Email support

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$15.95 / mo

  • Four Meals Per Week

  • Four Bonus Meals Per Week

  • Customized Weekly Grocery List

  • Exclusive Recipes & Cooking Videos

  • Email & Phone Support

  • Monthly Live Zoom Q&A

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All plans are billed every 30 days. You can cancel at anytime! Just reach out via our support links.

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What do early fans think?

Confident Kitchen and Chef Robert changed a lot of things. I can cook a meal in less than an hour. The kids love the food and I don't have to stress about it. I even know what "mise en place" means!!
Confident Kitchen user review

Claire Davis Chicago, Il

My husband and I both work long hours and have very limited time in the evenings. We used to live off frozen meals and fast food. I needed another option. Robert convinced me to try Confident Kitchen. That was the best decision I've made, since I got married!! We get a delicious, fresh meal made in about 45 minutes or less.
Confident Kitchen user review

Auston Phillips Chicago, Il